ADHD Evaluation Process(Child/Adolescent) - Dr. Jeff Bauman

Note-Some changes may be necessary due to the Covid realities.

The evaluation process- “Just because we have a hammer, does not mean that everything looks like a nail.”

FREE Phone Consultation: Dr. Bauman will recommend the initial course of action. IF there are immediate signs of a learning or processing disorder, a full neuro-developmental battery may be recommended and scheduled. The more expensive full-battery testing is typically needed ONLY when we suspect learning or processing disabilities.

The First Meeting:  In most cases the next step will be an initial interview with Dr. Bauman.  This first meeting is designed to mold rapport and facilitate a potential coaching relationship. We take a careful history, provide a thorough interview based on established criteria. We begin to consider ADHD along with other possible diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, or adjustment disorders. We will also explore sleep habits. Too many people are diagnosed ADHD/ADD, when in fact, another issue is impairing attention and focus.  At the end of this first visit you will be provided  rating instruments  normed on other children/teens of the same gender across the United States. The rating scales are designed to spot all the issues mentioned above and more. The results can also show differences at home vs. school or that functioning is completely “normal”.

The Second Visit: Typically between the child/adolescent and Dr. Bauman. His most important goal is to explore the many positives in this child/adolescent. The positives will obviously become very important in the coaching relationship. Dr. Bauman believes that coaching should be focused on strengthening what is working rather that constantly working to eliminate negatives. A wise psychologist taught him to build upon an "island of competence" to push away a vast sea of troubles. He has also learned that if we spend all of our time working on correcting weak areas, we will succeed only in building strong weak areas. This second visit also provides an important opportunity to directly observe behavior and focus. Parents are expected to return the previously distributed rating scales at this visit.

The Game Plan Meeting: Parent or parents return to the very important third visit. The child/teen usually attends this meeting as well.  Center stage will be results from the rating instruments, along with reviewed previous testing, history, observations and thoughts. Parent(s) will learn the decision regarding ADHD/ADD and/or any other emotional/behavioral diagnosis.   They may learn there is NO diagnosis warranted.   If a learning/processing disorder is suspected, we  will discuss possible additional testing. We will then discuss a plan of action which can involve Dr. Bauman,  an ON PREMISE INDEPENDENT School Psychologist,  outside providers such as Occupational or Speech Therapists, or even other psychologists if the family chooses to see an in-network provider.  A concise summary of our findings will be forwarded to the child/adolescent's primary care physician or referring physician of any specialty.

The secret is out.  For many years, ADULTs with ADHD have also sought Dr. Bauman's assistance.  We are now making it official.  Adult evaluations are a little different than above. Please click the Adult ADHD link on the left side of THIS page.  Dr. Bauman continues to offer a free phone consult to discuss the evaluation. Please do not hesitate to ask. 

954-915-8010-Please don't hesitate to leave a voice message. Due to Covid realities, staff hours are limited.  Friendly and knowledgable, Katrina will return your call WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS.