IEP ESE Meetings

We are available to attend school meetings, via Tele-Health platform, to plan for our clients’ academic success.

Dr. Bauman has been participating in these meetings for many years. As a former employee of the Broward School District, he has also been on the other side of the table, creating effective Individual Educational Plans for exceptional students.

In private practice, Dr. Bauman has assisted parents to negotiate the systems in  public, private, parochial, and charter schools. He is quite well known by all these educational settings. He can help you, the parents, maintain focus and remain positive as we team with school based professionals for the benefit your child/teen.

On Site Observation- On hold during the Covid era

Often it is of great benefit to observe how your child interacts with teachers and peers. Dr. Bauman can come to the school to observe.  

A typical observation will include some class time and some unstructured time such as lunch or recess. Information from these observations will provide valuable insight and help us target our work.

We can also use the observation results for useful consultation with teachers and administrators.