Inspirational Therapy or Coaching - Dr. Jeff Bauman

Dr. Bauman adds his own unique flavor to working with children, teens, families and emerging adults.  Meetings are filled with passion, enthusiasm and, often, humor. There is always an underlying philosophy of empowerment. He seeks to have the client find internal motivation. 

Examples of meeting content:

  • Anti-Boring homework and study strategies
  • Realistic project management/organization ideas
  • Goal setting
  • Mind/body education and skill building
  • Building curiosity for school subjects
  • Time/energy management
  • Sleep enhancement
  • Positive nutrition
  • The importance of physical fitness
  • The use of technology that specifically helps the ADHD/ADD student
  • Discovery and development of new strengths and interests
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Social Skill strategies
  • Improved self esteem

Parent and family meetings are integral to our work together.  Depending on the circumstance, we may meet with or without the child/teen. 

Content of these meetings may include:

  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Teaching the use of positive behavior modification tools
  • Motivational ideas
  • School or camp choices
  • Understanding accommodations/modifications
  • Parenting for self-esteem
  • Parent self-management
  • Strengthening the parent team
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Coaching the coach

The secret is out!  Adults with ADHD/ADD have been sneaking into Dr. Bauman's practice for years. It is now official. For information, please click the ADULTADD/ADHD tab on the left side of this page.   Dr. Bauman will be glad to explain the process on a free phone consult. 

954-915-8010 Please don't hesitate to leave a message.  Due to Covid realities, staff hours are limited. Friendly and personable Katrina WILL return your call WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS. Thank you for your patience.